YouTube to MP3 and Internet DVR
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Converting YouTube Videos to MP3’s (and many other sites!)

Dirpy is an easy and friendly serve that allows you to record and convert your favorite freely available online media. When using Dirpy you will have access to real-time conversions, ID3 metadata tags, offsets and support for high quality formats (including HD).

When you use Dirpy you will record and convert your online media to high quality mp3 in real-time. After you record your video you are then able to download the video and access it easily from your own files. When you start downloading your video, the transcoding will start immediately. You can use this converting process with a variety of online media libraries, people commonly take advantage of YouTube to mp3 conversions.

With a huge variety of freely available online media uploaded to YouTube on a daily basis, you can understand why a YouTube converter can be so beneficial! Using Dirpy as a YouTube converter will provide you access to your favorite videos any time. Easily converting your YouTube videos to mp3 content may change the way that you consume your media.

So, why use Dirpy? Although there are different YouTube to mp3 conversion serves available, Dirpy has a variety of settings that set it apart from all of the others. For example, we know just how obnoxious it is to have a full screen, pop-up, pop-under or intrusive ad show up when you are working online. We will never, ever, expose you to that. We guarantee that you will have an ad free experience every time that you use Dirpy.

When you use Dirpy you can also transcode just a portion of a video. Maybe you don’t want all ten minutes of a video, but you would prefer to have the video from 1:34 – 2:15. Dirpy can easily do that for you! This way, the mp3 files that you are saving are going to be exactly what you want and you won’t have to deal with large files that take up extra space on your computer.

So, give it a try today! Look through our FAQ and don’t be afraid to e-mail us with any questions or concerns. Dirpy and Dirpy studio are both operating in Beta. We would love to hear back from you with any questions, concerns, comments, or suggestions that you have. Visit our Contact Us page to get a hold of us or visit our About Us page to find out more and, in the meantime, enjoy converting your YouTube videos to quality mp3 files. Simply enter the YouTube video link or a search term and hit Dirpy!